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Why 3D Laser Scanning Technology?

At Impact Construction Management, we’re always evaluating the latest technology breakthroughs in our industry. Before implementing any type of new tool, we’re very deliberate about studying the benefits for our clients, as well as our company. Regardless of how cool or trendy the technology might be, we’ll only implement it if it’s proven to save everyone involved time AND money. And there’s no doubt that 3D laser scanning technology can do just that.

3D laser scanning can be implemented during every phase of a construction management project. The 3D measurement services alone can save our clients ample time and money. This is due the the unrivaled level of planning that can be provided on existing building conditions with the such incredible accuracy. In addition, this 3D laser scanning technology can also be used to compare newly constructed work against the models to ensure the highest quality finished product.

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Precision Construction Planning

In other words, 3D laser scanning technology can significantly lower the amount of any inaccuracies very early in the construction management process. This means little things will get resolved quickly, before they turn into large issues. Let’s face it, no one wants to see change orders during any phase of construction and with laser scanning these can all but be prevented. It is said that on a typical construction project, reworking aspect of the project makes up about 12 to 15 percent of the cost of construction. By utilizing 3D laser scanning, this can be reduced to less than 3 percent As you might imagine, this means far more efficiency throughout every phase of the construction project.

The speed and accuracy of implementing 3D laser scanning is revolutionizing the construction industry. With 100% of the environment being captured by the camera, measurements are incredibly accurate and visualization is extraordinarily real. This gives contractors and construction management companies the ability to quickly analyze and interpret data to allow for better decisions to be made during all parts of the process.

Just imagine – getting to see every square inch of your new construction project during every phase! Gone are the days of questioning what’s going on and wondering if things will turn out the way you’d envisioned in the end. Now you can literally be hands on making notes from anywhere.

Our Matterport Partnership

Impact Construction Management (ICM) has joined Matterport’s Service Partner Network to offer cutting edge 3D and virtual reality services to its clients. This allows project to be visualized like never before, from anywhere, anytime. The result is better communication and more precise planning throughout the entire construction process.

Using 3D laser scanning technology just makes sense. Impact Construction Management will continue to evaluate tools such as this for implementation in the field with our clients and employees.

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