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CCTV camera construction site

Are You Effectively Managing Jobsites?

How can you more efficiently manage jobsites without physically being there each day? That’s a great question to contemplate. Sure, you can call your project manager at each job site. This takes time and inevitably things are lost in translation.

What you need is a flexible, affordable way to monitor jobsites effectively. You need access to the answers and data you want with the click of a button. You need to be able send a pic to your client to not only explain what type of progress is being made, but also show them. And most importantly, you need to always have a pulse on the safety of the work environment for both your team and outside sub-contractors.

Wireless Camera Monitoring

It’s for this reason that many construction management companies are turning to solar and wireless camera systems for jobsite monitoring. Technology has evolved to the point to where setup takes roughly 20 minutes and can be knocked out by one person. Then, with the proper utilization, full jobsite safety and progress monitoring can take place at all times.

Cameras today have the capability to not just do time-lapse and photographs, we’re talking real comprehensive monitors accessible through a web interface brining real time images, video and data to the touch of your finger tips. This is accessibly anywhere, enabling the whole team to view real time progress without derailing the project managers or working for an update.

This makes it super simple to bring 360 project images into team meetings, review the plan in detail using annotations and create a more streamlined workflow with everyone on the same page. Furthermore, if issues do arise, the communication and resolution are clearer than ever because it’s all literally right in front of you.

And how about safety? Well now it’s easier than ever before to do periodic quality assurance checks to make sure new construction management projects are living up to company standards. With the latest camera jobsite monitor technology, it’s also very straightforward on how to capture full video of safety incidents for review and process correction. On top of that, you can now always have an eye on restricted areas to ensure that unnecessary workplace injuries are prevented, trespassing is all but nonexistent and theft is minimized as much as possible.

Complete jobsite monitoring and security isn’t a thing of the future. It’s here today! With this technology available, it only makes sense to begin researching the companies that provide a solution that meets your needs. Every company in the construction management industry understands the emphasis for safety and monitoring a project through the use of cameras just makes sense when it comes to efficient communication. So, if you haven’t considered utilizing cameras to improve your monitoring and safety on the jobsite – what’s stopping you?

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