ICM’s construction management experience spans a wide array of project types. You’ll find that our nimble, cost-effective business approach – bringing together customized teams based on project parameters – will provide the flexibility and specialization it takes to meet the unique needs of your project to a T. Our experience includes the following project categories:

Properties change owners and tenants, requiring the transformation to a whole new type of business, all the time. Whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, ICM can provide the customized alterations you need to operate a successful business in your new leased space.

Big gym, little gym, yoga room, Olympic pool, aerobics room…if it’s fitness you’re in, ICM has over 10 years of experience in designing and building facilities tailored to the needs of both recreational and professional athletes.

As a health care facility, you have unique requirements critical to the important services you provide. ICM understands, because we’ve been working with one of Indy’s larger health care provider for years. Whether it’s patient room upgrades, therapy centers, multi-level additions, doctor’s offices, trauma centers or dentist offices, ICM has you covered.

When you decide to make the investment to build a new office or retail space or improve your existing location, ICM can help. Understanding that your team spends at least 40+hours on site, you want a confident, reliable GC that will get the job done on time and within budget.

Warehouse distribution centers are the heartbeat of both traditional and e-commerce retailers. ICM can help with the designing, planning and construction of your new facility. With the fast, efficient movement of your products as our ultimate goal, ICM is committed to a timely schedule and cost-effective project completion.