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When you hear the phrase “green project management,” you may think of those endeavors related solely to creating more environmentally-friendly resources, like renewable energy projects. But going green doesn’t only apply to projects that are focused on the environment. In fact, it’s a smart idea for project managers of all types to review and implement initiatives that can help your next build leave a positive impact on the world around it. Read on to learn how you can take steps to make your next project a little greener than the last.


Why does it matter?


First things first – why do project managers need to consider ways to incorporate greener strategies for their builds? Experts have cited a couple of reasons:


For starters, you may be surprised to learn that going green can have a positive effect on your bottom line. While you may spend more up front to make some environmentally-friendly changes to your project, over time you will see that you are actually saving more in the long run. Green initiatives are becoming the norm for industries worldwide, which means you will also have the benefit of new and updated practices to learn from.


Another point to consider is that many companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. This includes other projects managers, vendors, maybe even cities you work with. Showing them that you care about making greener choices may give you the competitive edge you need to win your next project. Your level of care will also boost your team’s reputation as a whole – people will know that you consider what matters to them with every project you undertake.


How do you start?


As is the case with so many processes and new ideas within your project team, you know that you have to start at the top and work your way down. In other words, you need to be totally on board with your new green initiatives if you expect your team members to be excited about it, too.


Start with information and communication – take the time to do your own research and show your team why you think these new plans can make a positive difference for both the project and the community around it. Be prepared to answer questions, and have resources ready for your team to do their own digging if they are interested in learning more.


Once your team is on board, make sure everyone understands that going green is not just something you hope to do a little better at by the end of the project, but a new goal that will be woven into the project alongside your other goals. Create a plan to foster your green initiative in a manner that is both practical and simple for your team to incorporate into their already busy days. You can even start with one, small change, and as your team masters that change, add more new ideas until you’re working seamlessly within your new guidelines.


Above all else, do your research. Find out what has worked for others, and see if you can implement some of those ideas for your own team. Keep your finger on the pulse of the community surrounding your next project – is there a particular environmental issue that holds a lot of importance to them? Knowing that information may give you a great starting point as you jump into the world of environmentally-friendly projects.


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