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You likely have experience using project management software, or at least are familiar with some of the options available. But is using project management software a “must” for every project? Is the investment into both the cost and the time of the software worth it for your team? Read on to learn what you can expect from the average management software options – and whether any of them are the right choice for you.

Get Organized


If organization is something you struggle with, whether it’s meeting a deadline or remembering which team member is filling which role, utilizing project management software may be a huge timesaver for you. Most software gives you the option to set reminders for important dates, take a look at the status of different stages of your project, and give you a big-picture overview of how your build is progressing.


Project management software isn’t just for you as the manager – you can also add your team to the program to allow them the access they need to updates, files, deadlines, and everything in between. This also increases your efficiency as a manager, because you will spend less time sending individual team members an update or looking for an important document, and more time focusing on your project.


Keep Talking


We have said it before, and we will say it again: You have to be able to communicate effectively and quickly with every single person on your team. Likewise, they need to be able to get in touch with you as needed for important questions or updates of their own. There are many ways you can achieve a high level of communication, and project management software has earned its place on that list.


By incorporating project management software into your project, you have the ability to give the same information to everyone at the same time. You can also give out more specific info to only those team members who need it. Again, this is an area where project management software is not strictly required, because you can use a number of collaborative tools to communicate with your team. But if you are already using software, you will definitely want to take advantage of the improved communication it offers.


Plan Ahead


Your project won’t move forward – or even begin – without a solid plan that everyone understands. This is a great example of an instance when having project management software in place would be helpful. Since all documents and information are always available to the team, you can rest assured that they are always up to date with any changes to the budget, or have acknowledged a new deadline.

This is especially true for large teams that are spread out across the globe. The ability to access the necessary information at any time, instead of waiting hours for you to send it, saves everyone time and decreases confusion for the whole team. This also allows for additional collaboration between you and your team members. With a plan in place that is easily reviewed, you can receive input from your team members on suggestions or concerns they have about the build.


At the end of the day, project management software is like any other tool in your garage at home: It’s only helpful if you use it, and learn to use it well. Management software will not turn a struggling team into an incredibly efficient workforce overnight. But it does offer opportunities to facilitate improved organization, communication, and planning methods. Your next project may just benefit from one of the dozens of software options available.


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