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History & Approach

Matterport Service PartnerAt Impact Construction Management (ICM), we talk a lot about bringing you vision to life. The goal is not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them. We want the finished product of your construction project to be just as you had envisioned…and then some. To help us uphold this commitment, we’re always looking to invest in the latest technology available to our industry.

We recently added an interactive 3D and VR experience into our construction management process by becoming official Service Partners with Matterport, the leaders in interactive 3D and VR experiences, to allow our clients to see their project come to life like never before. In our industry, there are so many practical applications for a this system that has just made sense. Now when we’re describing something to a client, we can SHOW them in a way we never could before.

Interactive 3D & VR During Planning

The beauty of using a 3D/VR experience during the planning process of a construction management process is that we can show the client exactly what we’re talking about anytime/anywhere. No longer are we limited by location and schedule. This means more clearly defined building specifications by capturing color and depth like we never could before. It’s one thing to see a blueprint of a design or hear someone talk about a particular type of build they’ve done before, but it’s a whole nothing thing to experience it for yourself before the project has even started.

Interactive 3D & VR During Construction

We work on construction management projects for clients in the medical, athletic and entertainment, retail and hospitality, areas of business. We recognize that these individuals are extremely busy, but still want informative updates throughout the life of the build. By utilizing 3D and VR capabilities, we’re now able to document and share progress like never before. Best of all, time and space is no longer an issue as a completely immersive 3D model of a real-world job site can be viewed from a simple link on any device. This gives us the ability to tag specific locations with more info and even create a visual punchlist. It’s also incredibly easy to export assets (point cloud, reflected ceiling and floor plan images, 3D mesh file, 2D photos, and more) to be passed along in any capacity necessary

Future of Construction Management Communication

The future of construction management communication lies in tools such as 3D and VR modeling experiences. This type of technology allows everyone involved to be immersed in construction project every step of the way as much as they desire. With more precise decisions being made, the result is a project that stays on track with deadlines and on point with design.

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About Impact Construction Management

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Impact Construction Management is a full-service construction management firm. Founded by Louis Buonaiuto and Richard Bowlin, Impact Construction Management has been managing construction projects for clients throughout the Midwest and South for over 10 years. From our very first project to today, our focus has been on delivering the results our clients want by providing responsive service, up-front pricing and the highest-quality workmanship.

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