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White Glove Treatment

What do you envision the end of a construction management project looking like?  When you walk into your new building, of course you expect it to look just as you’d dreamed.  However, while the construction project may be complete, there’s usually still a bit of a mess left behind.  You know what we’re talking about….sawdust here, trash left over there, and about a week’s worth of cleanup ahead.  This type of mess has just become the norm for most general contractors.

The other thing to consider when dealing with most general contractors is that not only do you have to tidy up the place, but you also need to spend time testing out the new systems to make sure everything is working appropriately.  AC controls working properly, security systems all set…this is just the beginning. In other words, when most construction management groups hand over the keys to a new building there’s still a laundry list of items to deal with. What that means to you, is that you’ve got more time invested before you can open the doors to start making money.

Our One of a Kind White Glove Treatment

At Impact Construction Management (ICM), our “norm” is very different.  That’s because our White Glove Treatment means you’ll be ready to go on completion day #1…that’s right, the same day we hand over the keys.  We’ll make sure the place is spotless. Every system will be checked. All details will be covered. And we KNOW you’ll notice the difference.

Our White Glove Treatment is a standard part of every new construction management and general contracting project that we take on.  We believe first impressions are a big deal and we want the first impression of your space to be just as you had envisioned, with no mess or headaches to deal with.  This means you’ll be able to get up and running right away.

The approach here at ICM is that we succeed only when our customers reach their goals.  The White Glove Treatment is just one small part of what makes our approach different and allows you to start achieving your goals faster.

About Impact Construction Management

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Impact Construction Management is a full-service construction management firm.   Founded by Louis Buonaiuto and Richard Bowlin, Impact Construction Management has been managing construction projects for clients throughout the Midwest and South for over 10 years. From our very first project to today, our focus has been on delivering the results our clients want by providing responsive service, up-front pricing and the highest-quality workmanship.

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