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Construction Technology

Technology in Construction Management

Is technology changing the construction industry? ABSOLUTELY.

Smartphones, tablets, drones; they’re all becoming more commonplace now on the jobsite than ever before. As technology continues to evolve, it’s impact is learned through industry adoption and implementation. A recent article on reported that:

  • 92.2% of respondents use smartphones on the jobsite and 65.4% use tablets
  • The top 2 ways in which smartphones and tablets are being used are for daily reporting and photo/video
  • Meanwhile, drones were being used with about 57% of the respondents’ companies
  • As for the future, respondents seemed to be most excited about augmented, virtual and mixed reality capabilities in the construction space.

So while all of these technologies are being introduced, it’s interesting to note that:

  • 41.5% of survey respondents indicated that a lack of staff really limits their adoption of the new technology
  • 40.7% of participants said money is the limiting factor at their company

As with all new technology, the key is putting the resources in place to make sure you’re team is equipped to use technology in a way that make sense within your company. You want technology to ENHANCE communication internally when working with clients; not complicate it.  And the key pieces there are RESOURCES and SUPPORT.

Our Approach to Technology

At Impact Construction Management, we are embracing new technology that allows us to better serve our employees and customers. And, perhaps more importantly, we’re putting the resources in place within our company to support this new technology. We maintain the firm philosophy that technology is used to supplement what we do, not replace it. Our two owners, Louis Buonaiuto and Richard Bowlin, offer 47+ years of hands-on construction experience to our clients. While our company has grown and technology has evolved, we’ve maintained involvement from our owners in each project that we work on. This is very rare in our industry and something that allows us to add a personal touch to everything we do.

About Impact Construction Management

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Impact Construction Management is a full-service construction management firm. Founded by Louis Buonaiuto and Richard Bowlin, Impact Construction Management has been managing construction projects for clients throughout the Midwest and South for over 10 years. From our very first project to today, our focus has been on delivering the results our clients want by providing responsive service, up-front pricing and the highest-quality workmanship.

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